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Read the terms and conditions of using the VidMateMp3, the conditions according to which the VidMateMp3 offers you services are presented.

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  1. The use of VidMateMp3 is subject to Polish law, taking into account individual modifications and explanations.
  2. Users using the site may use the content of the portal only by using it for private use andthey are responsible for the data (including url addresses) sent to the VidMateMp3 service. Please be advised that the use of websites in a form other than your own use,in particular, any copying, reproduction or modification of data, information, materials posted on the site without the legal consent of the service provider or individualthe user with the right to content is completely prohibited. Remember that unlawful activities relating toto the lack of respect for someone else's intellectual or artistic property may be directed to compensation proceedings. Illegal exchange of recordings and protected worksworks to the detriment of artistic work.
  3. VidMateMp3 is designed to download files online for your own use ("fair use"). Any further use of the downloaded content by VidMateMp3, especially, but not only sharing them publicly or deriving of them commercial benefits, must be determined with a person having rights to specific downloaded content.
  4. Persons using the website are fully responsible for all activities related to data sent by VidMateMp3 does not assign any rights to files, acting solely as a technical service provider. Users are responsible checking the legality of using VidMateMp3. Depending on the country, the legality of using the website may differ. VidMateMp3 is not liable to the user or other third parties for the admissibility of downloading content via VidMateMp3.
  5. VidMateMp3, respecting the intellectual property rights of other users, ask you to do the same. VidMateMp3 has a team people striving to limit the possibility of copyright infringement through their platform. Our team is actively seeking and controls the conversion of commercial material protected by copyright. If you are the author of the content, the owner or owner in possession of the copyright and you want to disable the option of using VidMateMp3 to convert your materials, we kindly ask you to send us an e-mail request and we will send a blacklist of content to our system.
    the address or addresses of the content you want to block.A form of electronic or physical proof that you have the rights to the content. Contact details enabling us to contact you: address, telephone number, e-mail address.
  6. VidMateMp3 is a completely free service that does not give any guarantee for its use.